Project Initiator Information


Company name


Asha Metallurgic Plant

9, ul. Mira, Asha, Chelyabinsk region, Russia, 456010

Tel.: (35159) 3-10-03, 3-10-14, 3-16-69

Fax: (35159) 3-20-42, 3-23-72

E-mail: [email protected]


Vladimir Grigoryevich Evstratov, general director

Lines of business

Ferrous metallurgy, consumer goods

Brief description of the project

Construction of the arc-furnace shop with an installation DESP-100

Total project cost

USD 70 million

Required investment

USD 50 million

Investment purpose

 DESP-100 project, workshop building, DESP-100 installation

Implementation period


Initial permits and approvals

Development plan of the plant with the indication of the place for the new equipment is being worked out, prepayment (30000 euro) has been paid

Development stage


Expected form of cooperation

Letter of credit

Contact person

Viktor Nikolaevich Vishnyakov, director of capital development

Tel.: (35159) 3-23-72

Fax: (35159) 3-26-15