The Chelyabinsk region has unique natural and climatic conditions - lakes and rivers, forests and mountains, caves and natural healing springs. There are 3,170 lakes on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region, over 200 specially protected natural areas, including a world famous mineralogical paradise the State Ilmen Reserve, Arkaim - natural landscape and historical-archaeological museum and reserve, Taganay and Zyuratkul national parks.

The region has a developed sanatorium-resort service system. The most well-known health resorts are Kisegach, Uvildy, Ural and others.

Significant investments are being made to develop tourism industry which grows 30% every year. More than 300 travel companies in the Chelyabinsk region organize recreation for people of the Russian Federation.

A network of ski recreation and sport complexes is quickly developing. Now the region has about 20 ski centres. The largest ones such as Abzakovo, Zavyalikha, Adzhigardak, and Metallurg-Magnitogorsk meet the world standards and are the favourite places for Russian and foreign tourists who prefer outdoor activities.

Now an opportunity is considered of foundation together with Republic of Bashkortostan of a tourist and recreational zone "Ural" with the specialization basically in winter kinds of recreation and sports. Within the zones framework it is planned to develop sanatorium treatment, recreation for family and youth. The zones international status will be provided by means of motor and air communication development, foundation of a network of hotels ensuring certified service, foundation of modern sports centres.