Project Initiator Information Company name

OOO (OJSC) Rembyttekhnika Plus

10b, ul. Kalinina, Ozyorsk,

Chelyabinsk region 456780

l.: 7(35130) 7-99-51


Maksim Alekseyevich Alushkin, director

Lines of business

Fulfillment of warranty obligations of 60 electronics and household appliance manufacturers, sale of spare parts

Brief description of the project

1. Purchase of necessary equipment.

2. Preparation of industrial premises and communications for accommodation of the new equipment.

3. Installation and adjustment works

4. Hiring and training of the new personnel

Total project cost

7 556 729.11 rubles

Required investment

7 060 303.11 rubles

Implementation period

1 year

Initial permits and approvals

Business plan

Development stage


Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit, leasing

Contact person

Maksim Alekseyevich Alushkin

l.: 7(35130) 7-99-51, 7-80-88