Project Initiator Information


Company name

OOO "Scientific production enterprise "Spektr-Konversiya"

456770 Chelyabinsk region, Snezhinsk, ground area 31, building 440, mailbox 630

Phone (35146) 3-26-61

Fax (35146)5-52-58

E-mail: [email protected]


Ivanov Anatoly Semyonovich,


Brief description of the company

Scientific research, development activity and experimental work in the field of  prototypes in medicinal or other equipment, manufacture of serial, small-lot and unique products of industrial technological purpose

Brief description of the project

The project provides for production of instruments for construction industry

Total project cost

4.5 million rubles

Required investment

3 million rubles

Investment purpose

Purchase of equipment

Implementation period

2 years

Initial permits and approvals

Project, design and technological documentation and business plan. The application No. 2004122261/28(023783) is filed in "Rospatent", containing five inventions for the way and equipment in the field of concrete strength determination

Development stage

Industrial manufacture of equipment in small scale is carried out (concrete strength gauge, adhesiometer)

Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit

Contact person

Chebykin Vitaly Alekseyevich,

Principal engineer

Phone (35146) 5-62-41