Name of organization

LLC Kripton

Vasilyeva Street 5-18, Snezhinsk town, Chelyabinsk region, 456770

Head of organization

Vladimir Egorovich Gaponov

Types of activity

Production of devices for control of other physical quantities.

Production of other devices and instruments for measurement, control and testing.

Scientific research and developments in the spheres of natural and engineering sciences.

Investigation of market condition,

advertising activity

Brief description of the project

Many manufacturers both in Russia and abroad face a problem of counterfeit protection of their products. Emergence of counterfeit products substantially decreases business profitability, shatters confidence in a trademark. By estimates of the World Trade Organization, the total value of counterfeit goods is 5-7% of the global turnover, which is dozens of billion of dollars in money equivalent.

Holographic protection has already proved its efficiency more than once. Use of holograms for counterfeit protection of goods and documents has the following unique advantages:

  • holograms can not be copied with the help of existing copy machines, computer hardware and printing equipment;

  • presence of a hologram on goods and documents allows any nave consumer to easily distinguish the original from a counterfeit by means of simple visual observation without applying any instruments.

Rainbow holograms are produced by means of embossment on a film of optical diffraction grating, obtained by methods of laser optical holography. Such holograms represent iridescent images of bi-dimensional (logos, emblems, inscriptions) and 3D objects on film base. Complexity and uniqueness of production technology allows the clients to use embossed holograms for counterfeit protection of different valuable securities and documents (stocks, bonds, pass tickets and ID cards, degree certificates, transport tickets, tickets for mass shows etc.), and of mass consumption products (foodstuff, medical drugs, etc.) as well.

Nevertheless, almost all Russian manufacturers of holograms are located in Moscow and St-Petersburg. There is no regional production. It is obvious that locating of production closer to consumers will stimulate the demand, which exists today, but its satisfaction, in view of absence of regional manufacturers, does not correspond to market demands.

The following results are expected on implementation of the project:

  • organization of production of modern, hi-tech products holographic self-adhesive labels, breaking down at attempts of unsticking, and holographic stamps made of foil for hot embossing;

  • obtainment of sales volume of offered products equal to approximately 30 million roubles a year before the third year of project implementation;

  • creation of 19 new job places;

  • development of considerably voluminous market of holographic products, in particular products providing effective counterfeit protection of mass consumption products, valuable securities and documents

Total project cost

285,422 pounds sterling

Required investment

93 thousand pounds sterling

Implementation period

2 years

Project documentation

Project business plan. Market research. Grant contract between the Company "HTSPE Ltd", Great Britain, and LLC Kripton (contract CNCP/08/0022/CNTR dated 03.24.2008). Production process description

Development stage

Preparation for production. Installation of production equipment

Expected forms of cooperation

Joint sales of products

Contact person

Vladimir Yegorovich Gaponov

tel.: +7 (35146) 3-45-12, +79127935141

e-mail: [email protected]