Project initiator company name and essential information

OAO "Potaninskiy Building Materials Plant "Polystrom"

2A, ul. Tomskaya, Kopeysk,

Chelyabinsk region 456652

Tel.: (7-351) 367-39-48,

Fax: (7-351) 39-20-016,

E-mail: [email protected]

The company director

Sergey Viktorovich Lobastov

Lines of business

Manufacture of ceramic bricks, transportation services, heat energy production, granite goods manufacture

Brief description of the project

The project envisages construction in the territory of OJSC "Polystrom"Organization of a shop producing ferroconcrete items, stressed floor slabs, props, piles etc.

Total project cost

85 million rubles

Required investment

40 million rubles

The projects payback period (in years)

1.5 years

Documents on the project

Legalization of land allotment, architectural planning assignment

Development stage

Project designing

Expected form of cooperation

Shared sponsorship

Contact person

Igor Stepanovich Ostanin,

Tel.: (7-351) 269-53-62, (7-351)39- 20-016, (7-351)39-20-020