Project Initiator Information


5, Metiznikov Str., Magnitogorsk town, Chelyabinsk region, 455002

tel./fax +7 (3519) 24-15-27/24-77-82

Company executive

Alexey Dmitriyevich Nosov

Lines of business of the organization

Production and sale of wire, fasteners, nets, nails and other products of manufacturing designation

Brief description of the project

Purchase of slitting unit will allow to replace the run-down operating equipment, hence to low the costs by means of using the etched coil excluding the procedure of etching, quality improvement and accuracy of cutting, lowering costs on maintenance.

The slitting unit of hot-rolled etched coil production will be used to manufacture the commodity output such as strip, process rough work part for the production of cold-rolled tape

Total cost of the project

106,9 million rubles

Required investment

106,9 million rubles

Payback period of the project (years)

2,4 years

Project documents

Business plan and project documents are available

Current project status

Initial stage

Expected forms of cooperation

Investment credit or other form of financing (on agreement)

Contact person

Vadim Alekseyevich Bakshinov, the head of the strategic development department of MMK-METIZ

tel/fax +7 (3519) 25-09-35/24-58-07

E-mail: [email protected]