Project initiator company name and essential information

Stroyizdeliya Ltd, 5a, ul. Tselinnaya, Kartaly, Chelyabinsk region 457358

The company director

Vassily Vassilyevich Gorokhov

Lines of business

Building materials production

Brief description of the project

The project envisages construction of the Complex for Production of Building Materials: crushed stone, lime, cement, cellular blocks, ferroconcrete items

Total project cost

4.5 billion rubles

Required investment

3 billion rubles

The projects payback period (in years)

4 years

Documents on the project

Survey work, co-ordination of technic specifications on infrastructure

Development stage

The raw materials have been successfully tested in industrial production

Expected form of cooperation

Shared ownership

Contact person

Vassily Vassilyevich Gorokhov, tel.: 8-902-891-62-95, 8-902-891-62-96


Fax: (7-351)33-7-83-07

e-mail: [email protected]