Project Initiator Information Company name

Agricultural enterprise Kunashakgorservis Co Ltd.

Ul. Yuzhnaya, Kunashak village, Kunashak district, Chelyabinsk region 456440

Tel.: 7(351)48- 3-19-42, 3-14-10


Ivan Nikolayevich Lyamykov

Lines of business

Retail trade, catering service, production and realization of agricultural products

Brief description of the project

Minishop construction, outfit purchase ( building area: 23 square meter)

Total project cost

2.5 million rubles

Required investment

1 million rubles

Payback period

2.5 years

Initial permits and approvals

Dairy farm reconstruction

Development stage

Milk batching line construction

Expected form of cooperation


Contact person

Ivan Nikolayevich Lyamykov

Tel.: 7(351)48-3-19-42, 3-14-10