Project Initiator Information


Company name

Administration of Chebarkul Urban District

13a, ul. Lenina, Chebarkul,

Chelyabinsk region 456440

l./fax: (35168) 2-39-88


Gennadiy Fyodorovich Severin, head of Urban District

Lines of business

Local government

Brief description of the project

Complex for sorting and advance processing of solid domestic and industrial wastes, which transforms them into environmentally safe raw material  for further transformation by mini plants into consumer goods, heat, and electric power  

Total project cost

260 million rubles

Required investment

20-100 % of the total project cost

Investment purpose

Complex construction

Implementation period

3 years (2006-2009)

Initial permits and approvals

Initial permits and approvals available

Development stage

Preliminary and design works

Expected form of cooperation

Joint financing

Contact person

Elena Sergeyevna Pantyavina, head of ecology and environment protection department of Urban District Administration

l.: (35168) 2-36-88