Project Initiator Information


Company name

ZAO "Minplita Plant"

Industrial ground of ZAO "Minplita Plant", Talovka village, Sosnovsky district, Chelyabinsk region 456538

Tel.: (351) 262-63-20

Fax (351) 262-04-48


Viktor Ivanovich Abarin

Lines of business

Heat-insulating mineral goods production

Brief description of the company

Heat-insulating construction goods production on imported equipment (to the amount of 30 thousand tons a year). The goods are used for warmth-keeping in roofing, ventilation fronts, three-layer wall panels. The products are supplied to Moscow, Volga region, Kazakhstan, Western Siberia

Brief description of the project

Design and construction of the second technological line on imported equipment (Czechia) for manufacture of heat-insulating mineral plates to the amount of 30 thousand tons a year

Total project cost

583.8 million rubles

Required investment

583.8 million rubles.

Investment purpose

Purchase of technological equipment and construction

Implementation period

2 years

Initial permits and approvals

Working draft is being designed, business plan and architectural planning commission are available. Technical specification for fuel-energy resources, POOV, sanitary certificate are available

Development stage

Putting in operation of the line in 2006

Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit

Contact person

Viktor Konstantinovich Grishin, technical director,

Tel.: (351) 231-75-01

Olga Sergeyevna Podkopayeva

Tel./fax (351) 262-61-05