Project Initiator Information

LLC Nadezda

98 p/o box, Miass town, Chelyabinsk region

tel.: +7 (35113)54-35-33

Company executive

Yevgeniy Alexandrovich Konyaev

Lines of business of the organization

Metal processing

Brief description of the project

Development of the fine forging production for the motor-car industry

Total cost of the project

20 million Euro

Required investment

Up to 15 million Euro

Payback period of the project (years)

5 years

Project documents

All documents are prepared.

Current project status

The current production turnout is about 12 million Euro a year

Expected forms of cooperation

Any mutually beneficial cooperation

Contact person

Alexey Anatolyevich Matyushko

+7 (35113) 29-80-01