Project Initiator Information

Federal state unitary enterprise RUSSIAN FEDERAL NUCLEAR CENTER all-Russian research and development establishment of applied physics named after academician E.I. Zababakhin (FSUE RFNC- ARDEPh named after academician E.I. Zababakhin).

13, Vasilyev str., p/o box 245, Snezinsk town, Chelyabinsk region, 456770.

tel.: +7 (351)46-3-26-25,

fax: +7 (351)46- 5-22-33,

teletype: series P, 124137 SNOW RU,

telex: 124137 SNOW RU,

e- mail: [email protected]

Company executive

Georgiy Nikolaevich Rikovanov

Lines of business of the organization

Priority direction of FSUE RFNC- ARDEPh named after academician E.I. Zababakhin activity is the production and maintenance of nuclear weapon availability, performance of work in the field of peaceful application of atomic energy. The Institute performs the conversion works in the interests of FES, atomic and energy sector, OJSC, RRW, develops the modern medical technology, alternative energy sources and equipment for physical protection, actively cooperates with the outstanding scientific and industrial centers of Russia and foreign partners.

Brief description of the project

Detection of defects of swimming baths maintenance on APS and process plants. In the perspective maintenance of any reservoirs, used in the chemical industry with restricted access to the walls.

Total cost of the project

4 million rubles

Required investment

4 million rubles

Payback period of the project (years)

2 years

Project documents

Detailed engineering drawings are on the final stage

Current project status

Research and development activity, making the production prototype

Expected forms of cooperation

Co-financing of the final phase of research and development activity

Contact person

S.G.Vagin, head of the laboratory,

tel.: +7 (351)46-5-25-00;

fax: +7 (351)46-5-22-33