Project Initiator Information


Company name

OAO "Katavsky Tsement" ("Katav cement")

456110 Chelyabinsk region,

Ust'-Ivanovsk, ul. Tsementnikov, 1A

Phone (35147) 2-46-86

Fax (35147) 2-16-80


Viktor Stepanovich Platonov, general director

Lines of business

Enterprise for processing of goods made on commission

Brief description of the company

The enterprise was established in 1967.

Range of goods: cement PTs500 D0, PTs400 D0, PTs400 D20, ShPTs400, ShPTs300.

Supplies: Chelyabinsk region, Orenburg region, Republics of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan

Brief description of the project

Putting grab crane into operation. Installation of testing equipment in the laboratory for testing compliance of cement to the State standard GOST 31108-2003 and EN 197. Development of weighing equipment, development of cable networks, workshop substations, setting up and integration of relay protection and thyristor drives, building of the cement carrier loading point, technological audit of the enterprise, reconstruction of the main reducing substation. Installation of local low-capacity compressors for aeration of raw and cement mixtures, modernization of energy commercial calculation system, introduction of energy resources technical calculation for every unit

Total project cost

102.68 million rubles

Required investment

46.06 million rubles

Investment purpose

Maintenance of productivity 0.8 million rubles. Increase and control of cement quality 2.36 million rubles. Infrastructure development 32.2 million rubles. Entering wholesale market, energy saving 10.7 million rubles.

Implementation period


Initial permits and approvals

Budget of the Environment Protection Program for cement plants of the Russian Federation OAO "EUROCEMENT group"

Development stage


Expected form of cooperation

Leasing, investment credit

Contact person

Dmitry Vladimirovich Komarevtsev, technical director

Tel.: (35147) 2-46-86