Light industry is one of the most socially important industries of Chelyabinsk region; it produces highly-processed consumer goods and helps develop other industries.  

Light industry of Chelyabinsk region is represented by two major types of production:

- textile and clothing manufacture (35.6% of the light industrys total output);

- shoemaking (64.4%).

The basic kinds of production of the light industry of Chelyabinsk region are: footwear, suits, hosiery, cotton fabrics. The brands of enterprises of the light industry of the region: Yunichel (footwear), Peplos (mens suits) -- are well-known not only in the South Urals, but in other regions, as well. Almost 5 thousand people work in the industry.

The Chelyabinsk region government pays serious attention to the development of the light industry. In 2006 the Governor of Chelyabinsk region adopted a resolution No. 231, dated 7.08.2006: About compensation of parts of expenditures on payments of credit interest received from Russian credit organizations for replenishment of circulating assets together with the order of provision of this kind of state support in 2005. State assistance can be rendered only to those organizations which do not have tax payment debts and whose aim is job creation.

With the help of state support many enterprises receive the opportunity to purchase raw materials and equipment of a higher quality. This, meanwhile, contributes to the increase of the products competitiveness.

Today the leading enterprises of the branch work quite steadily. CJSC Peplos, CJSC Zyuratkul, CJSC Shoe factory Yunichel manufacture high-quality products meet a ready internal market.