Name of organization

LLC "Dom Elevit"

LLC "StroyMag"

Kotin Street 31, room 16, Chelyabinsk city, 454081

Head of organization

Vladimir Dmitrievich Solodov

Types of activity

Low-rise house-building, supply of constitutive elements for house-, half story- and pavilion construction

Brief description of the project

Constitutive elements include structural parts that are manufactured for buildings with different planning concepts:

  • shaped tube studs;
  • thermo profile and wooden beams;
  • wall panels and floor slabs are made of wood and thermic profiled material.

Frame of a building is made up with studs and beams, wall panels and floor slabs and multiple joints

Total project cost

Plant making 50,000 square meters a year costs 100 million roubles

Required investment

120 million roubles

Implementation period

If full loaded the plant is to be recouped in 12 months

Project documentation

All engineering documentation of the project has been prepared

Development stage

Building assembly set is currently manufactured

Expected forms of cooperation


Contact person

CEO of LLC "Dom Elevit" - V.D. Solodov

tel.: +7(3512)65-76-42, +79127749775