Project initiator company name and essential information

Galvit Ltd., 210, ul. Anosova, Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region, 456205

The company director

Vladimir Alekseyevich Galuzin

Lines of business

Metalware processing, job mixers and concrete mixers production

Brief description of the project

The project envisages increase in productivity of bricks line and improvement in physical-mechanical properties of bricks

Total project cost

6.863 million rubles

Required investment

6.863 million rubles

The projects payback period (in years)

1.6 years

Documents on the project

Project documents

Development stage

A license for brick earth extraction is being legalized in the Ministry of Industry and Natural Resources of the Chelyabinsk region

Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit, share holding

Contact person

Vladimir Alekseyevich Galuzin,

Tel.: (7-3513) 62-50-69, 62-50-98