Uyskoye municipal district.

28-flat dwelling house


Size of the building

Development area

Building is in 32 x 11.14 sq. meters axes

435.5 sq. meters

Short description of the building

Detached three-storey building with mansard roof, with longitudinal bearing brick walls

Location of the building

Pionerskaya street, Uyskoye village, Uyskoye area, Chelyabinsk region

(central part of the village)


Construction site is provided with engineering communications

Road infrastructure

Inner village streets with asphalt concrete covering

Building condition

Dwelling house

(zero cycle, basement, basement floor structure)

Short description of the site where the building is located

Land plot with the dwelling house under construction located on it, is located in central part of the village, free from green plants, construction site is provided with approach lines and engineering communications

Form of use

Dwelling house

Owner of land

Uyskoye municipal area authority

Contact person

First deputy head of Uyskoye municipal area

Sergey Alekseyevich Borovinskiy

tel.: 7 (35165) 31940