Name of organization

Nonprofit partnership "Innovation Project Center "Kvark"

22-11, Vernadskiy Street, Miass city, Chelyabinsk region, 456318

tel./fax: +7(35135)53-96-59, +79049437058


Head of organization

Sergey Alekseevich Ufimtsev

Types of activity

Development and introduction of innovation projects into different branches of economy

Brief description of the project

Construction of engineering building, purchase and installation of new equipment for the production of high-quality veneer wood, furniture and other goods with the use of wasteless method.

Estimated veneer wood output

75 thousand cubic metre a year, stock of raw materials 12.5 million cubic metre. Existing demand not less than 75 thousand cubic metre a year

Total project cost

420-525 million roubles

Required investment

420-525 million roubles

Implementation period

1-2 years

Development stage

Land and forest exploitation documents have been executed

Expected forms of cooperation

Joint production establishing, leasing and others

Contact person

Sergey Alekseyevich Ufimtsev