Project Initiator Information

LLC research firm PROTIVOKOR

145, Svobodi str., apt.211, Chelyabinsk town, 454111 tel./fax +7 (351) 237- 52- 37

e-mail [email protected]

Company executive

Yan Natanovich Lipkin

Lines of business of the organization

Equipment for production of tubes, constructions and products with antirust and decorative coating.

Brief description of the project

The project is aimed at organization of production of tubes and products for water supply, heat exchange and heating with the use of drinking water, production of building manufacture and general demand in longer serviceable life.

Total cost of the project

About 150-250 million rubles

Required investment

About 150-250 million rubles

Payback period of the project (years)

2 years

Project documents

Sanitary certificate of drinking water, ecological certificate of implementation possibility, decisions of number of organizations concerning the corrosive resistance and scientifically grounded forecasts of durability, work drawings of the basic equipment, engineering specifications and other documentation (partially out of date, demanding reissuance and additions)

Current project status

The project is ready for its quick implementation with improvements according to the conditions and observations of the investors.

Expected forms of cooperation

Establishment of a new enterprise (CJSC) with investments of its participants and investment credit.

Contact person

Yan Natanovich Lipkin, Andrey Yuryevich Lipkin

telephone +7 (351)68- 2-36-88, +79226395211