Name of organization

LLC Research and production commercial and industrial enterprise Ozyorsk Dom Stroy

9, Shosseynaya street, Selezni village, Ozyorsk, Chelyabinsk region, 456895

tel. +7-922-71-09-315

fax: 7 (35-130) 9-24-54

Head of organization

Evgeniy Robertovich Razmolodin

Lines of business

1. Scientific, design work and development and engineering activity

2. Recycling

3. Construction

4. Trading

Brief description of the project

Creation of fill thermal insulator in an experimental house with 4 flats for 8 enterprise specialists

Total project cost

8 million roubles

Required investment

8 million roubles

Implementation period

4-6 months

Project documentation

Project of processing installation. Project designing documentation for house details. Business plan on thermal insulator production. Copyright of patent owner.

Development stage

Technological facility experimental stage is completed. House project is completed. Site is available.

Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit 8 million roubles on security of intellectual property with the value of 11,062,000 roubles for one calendar year.

Contact person

Evgeniy Robertovich Razmolodin,

Chief specialist, physicist, technologist, programmer, designer

tel.: +79227109315

fax: 7 (35-130) 9-24-54