Name of organization

Industrial association KHIMSTALKOMPLEKT

POB 836, Kyshtymskaya Street 6, Ozyorsk, Chelyabinsk region, 456790

tel.: +7 (35130) 7-96-11

Head of organization

Konstantin Nikolayevich Litvintsev

Types of activity

Production, scientific development of industrial technologies, as well as introduction of them

Brief description of the project

Plant producing energy-saving and nonstandard equipment, magnetic filters.

Construction of new industrial building, transfer of the new production area into a new building, continuation of production activities

Total project cost

40 million roubles

Required investment

40 million roubles

Implementation period

3.5 years

Project documentation

Business plan

Development stage


Expected forms of cooperation

Equity participation

Contact person

Head of marketing department - Pavel Konev

tel.: +7 (35130) 7-76-48

e-mail: [email protected]