Publishing and polygraphic industry is not only of economical, but of cultural value, too, for the development of Chelyabinsk region. Even in the epoch of electronic media development, the need in printed production still remains very high. Most of the regional periodical publications are printed in printing shops situated on the regions territory; book printing volume is still stabile.

Volume of shipped goods of own production in Chelyabinsk regions publishing and polygraphic industry in 2005 was 685.5 mln rubles. In the first half-year of 2006, the growth of production in publishing and polygraphic industry was 122.6% compared with that period of 2005. Now this industry employs more than 2 thousand people; their number in 2005 grew on 13.3%.

The major kinds of produce are newspapers, magazines, books, consumer's paper, writing books. The biggest enterprises in the industry are FGUP (Federal State Unitary Enterprise) Chelyabinskiy Dom Pechati, CJSC Magnitogorskiy Dom Pechati, CJSC Polygraph (Miass town), LLC Yemanzhelinskiy Dom Pechati, CJSC Tipografija Avtograf.

Today publishing and polygraphic enterprises of Chelyabinsk region work hand over hand, satisfying the regions needs in quality printed goods.