Project Initiator Information


Company name

Administration of the Zlatoust Urban District

1, ul.Taganaiskaya, Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region, Russia 456200

Tel./fax: (3513) 67-17-17


Dmitriy Petrovich Migashkin

Lines of business

Execution of administrative functions for the Zlatoust city district government 

Brief description of the project

The Olympic center of the middle-mountain training on the Urenga ridge in Zlatoust city district, Chelyabinsk region


Total project cost

2215 million rubles

Required investment

2215 million rubles

Investment purpose

Development works,


Purchase of the equipment

Implementation period

2.5 2.8 years

Initial permits and approvals

Project documentation

Development stage

Documentation for allotment of land is drawn up; pre-project preparation is accomplished 

Expected form of cooperation

Share in capital

Contact person

Dmitriy Petrovich Migashkin

Tel./fax: (3513) 67-17-17