Project Initiator Information

CJSC Kichiginskiy Remontniy Zavod

(Kichiginsk Repair Plant)

tel.: +7(351)66-200-17

Company executive

Ivan Ivanovich Isaev

Lines of business of the organization

Mounting, repairing and maintenance services of the machines for farming, including wheel tractors, and forestry.

Radiator manufacture.

Production of the pumps for transmission of liquids and liquid lifters.

Brief description of the project

Development of the production technology of the attached implements for the loading and unloading works of the forage and succulent feed on the basis of the tractor Belorussia MTZ-100

Total cost of the project

15 million rubles

Required investment

10 million rubles

Payback period of the project (years)

3 years

Project documents


Current project status

Initial stage of the project

Expected forms of cooperation

Joint venture

Contact person

Ivan Ivanovich Isaev, chief engineer