Project Initiator Information

JSC Asha Metallurgical Plant

9, Mira Str., Asha town, Chelyabinsk region, 456010

tel.: +7 (351)59- 3-10-03, 59-3-10-14,

59- 3-16-69

fax: + 7 (315)59- 3-20-42, 59-3-23-72

e-mail: inof@amet. ru

Company executive

Vladimir Georgievich Evstratov

Lines of business of the organization

Ferrous metallurgy, consumer goods

Brief description of the project

Construction of the new building, mounting of the deformation electrostatic potential100, construction of the power transmission line 200/35 kW and designing of the new oxygen gas purification station, clean reverse cycle of water supply, ash-reprocessing, a device for utilization of dust and deposits.

Total cost of the project

70 million rubles

Required investment

50 million rubles

Payback period of the project (years)

5 years

Project documents

General layout of the plant with the specification of the new equipment allocation development stage, prepayment (30000 Euro) has been paid.

Current project status

Project documents are being worked out.

Expected forms of cooperation

Letter of credit

Contact person

Vladimir Viktorovich Moldovanov, director of the capital construction of JSC AMZ

tel.: + 7 (351)59- 3-23-72;

fax: + 7 (351)59- 3-26-15